Third Page

The Lord has blessed me this Resurrection day. First, my youth student Ian Shin had a baptism confirmation. I went on stage to celebrate this grand moment; I asked him if I could kiss him. His face turned red; no wait, he blushed because he’s a pretty boy, and All pretty boys blush except for me-I admit I am not a pretty boy (it’s subjective). I am a MAN MAN. Man, I kissed him and smiled “Congratulations”.

Without coincidence, late afternoon, I became the first baptized soul in Lifestream- my beloved and most cherished community. I felt God’s joy seep through the pores of my skin as I was immersed in water. My tears faded away, and my confessions as a sinner became the sweet exchanges of affection as I spent the rest of the night with my friends; without the tremble of my lips or the quiver of my cheeks, I confidently repeat, “I love you guys”. 


My name is branded on your heart- no height or depth of this infinite galaxy can remove your love for me. Your name is engraved on my heart- no principalities or strongholds will weaken my trust in you. You have pardoned me before, and will continue to pardon me, but your grace is costly. Obedience is my love for you and my praises are the reminder that His story is without blemish. Let your will be done, and let the Christ in me shine forth. Whenever I play ‘hide’ you play ‘seek’; you are the Father that searches his children’s hearts not to mask us in our shame, but for us to accept the word of your immovable power. Thank you. 


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