Dear to Him

I, as a deer, will turn my head toward the trees that move too violently. Does it mean ill will against me and my loved one or do they shake in resiliency to protect us from the bitter winds?

At what juncture of our faith do we assume God is testing us? After all, aren’t our feeble minds quick to think that every stage or season in life is a test because that’s the world’s way of filtering through the top from the bottom putting us in our “places”. How are we inclined to think that the same Creator who gave up His son as a ransom for death would merely be gaining back our lives in the form of having us answering correctly on our “tests”?
Yet, what I do see biblically is that He disciplines us and refines us.
In discipline, we are to love Him. And rather than projecting the failure of us through a furnace, He rather molds us first and then like an artist who is satisfied with his or her piece will render the safety of its shape by giving it the permanence of fire. In relationship to the artist’s fingers to his mold, his next attempt is to refine the process developing the character of his work before letting it identify with the fire once again. So, where do we get the impression that God merely throws our rubbles into the fire?
Our lives are not a test and our decisions aren’t the bubbling of an answer choice handed off as a result to become a better candidate of His grace. He is not for an answer but rather for a journey that’s willing to be molded before being perfected by fire. Fire is not His subject, we are, so rather than allowing the naivety of testing to render our relationship with our Creator, let us be dear in our pursuits to panteth for the water. 


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