Stored for Avery

In my rest, I apologize. In reflection, I say, “Sorry”. In busyness, the chicken is force fed, then killed, and frozen. In rest, the owner apologizes and he puffs out, “I’m sorry” as he smokes his cigarette.

The guy sees the girl and forces her to be his superwoman. In rest, he apologizes and says, “I’m sorry”, but it’s too late. There’s no time for explanation- only time and prayer will heal. Lust will drift and the ounces of love will squeeze onto a pietry dish. It’ll be examined and stored away to be the precedent for the next discovery. Cancer may not be cured but it’ll get closer to face its own kryptonite. As more pietry dishes are stored, the original one that looked most promising to source healing and partnership is now in a cabinet locked away in a life lesson.

This scientist was in school- he learned theories and practiced them in a lab- it was just him and the strains of bacteria that wiggled under microscopic lens. His textbook was his guide and his professors were his ears. But as easily as he wanted to be a producer of change, he also felt something missing. He was forgetting that he had met Avery, a boy filled with tears and worry because he was going to bed as dark as the pietry dishes stored under the canopy of a dusting wish. Was his answer to this patient already stored away or was it something to discover?

He decided he need more time and prayer to figure it out. But with it, he would carry the weight of “What if?” He knew where to find her labeled with her name because if he needed her next time, she wouldn’t be an experiment to the scientist but a discovery for Avery.

To Dory.


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