In the Jordan Creek

In the valley, there was a hidden trail past the fortress of rocks that protected the inlet of the Jordan Creek. Jacob, took his clay-chalked feet and dangled his toes in the water. The level of water hadn’t risen much in the past few weeks- the summer drank from the creek to outlive its thirst. Jacob was in the midst of renewal as well- his figure was depleted and physically he clipped away at his normal weight; yet, his new look was a necessity to overcome the heat of an overhanging summer. He hadn’t come in contact with mammals of outstanding height or menace; adventure wasn’t in the form of contact- it was in the motion of him going out and receiving the unknown.

He had to survive and in the presence of nature, he took his minimal self and explored the crevice of rocks and holes in the dirt paths that only he would want to wander in. It was his map of this spatial summer- he might never come across these paths again, but he knew he was a discoverer at heart; he owned his map and detailed it with the prints of his fingers. He headed back to the Jordan Creek.

To him, this was home and to him, he wasn’t lost but just to make sure, he bent his torso and extended his balance over the water. He noticed his brooding eyebrows lessen the light that he saw in his eyes much like a cloud that swept to take the moon away from its purpose. He lowered his height to angle his face; his eyes would dart to the speed of the longfin smelts that were within his reach, but again he focused back on the reflection of himself. The sun was lowering and the tower of trees would shade and vanish his thought of himself in the next few minutes.

“I must pray”, he whispered.

“I am not in control, and this hurts me. I don’t know who I am. This hurts me. I am strong. This hurts me. I am alone. This hurts me. I need you. Don’t hurt me.”

The water receded away from his surrounding. He picked up a rock and examined it with the only bit of light left in the day. He retrieved a memory of his father at that moment-

“Son, remember that this world is smaller than it seems and your God is closer than you will ever know. Every big rock is broken down into a little rock and every adult sees he was once a child. As you grow up, if you ever get lost, pick up a rock and look at it closely. That’s how closely God is looking at you”.

He patched together a fire quickly and hugged his shoulders with lamb skin. The night would be his last at Jordan Creek, and tomorrow he would be with family.



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