The Wave Goodbye: 2

She wasn’t a perfect cat either. Jonathan’s mother was unlucky with a string of men that came along her way. She remarried once before incorrectly settling down with the husband who would have her child. Before her second marriage, Megan was approaching her thirties without much concern- who could advise her otherwise?

In her post college years, Megan was a wild cat living relatively larger than her peers and after a few successions of climbing up the corporate ladder, she decided to get her MBA. She was a robust candidate for the life she had planned; she wanted to amass wealth but also power- she didn’t have any female role models, so she was determined to embed herself in the male-centric rungs of society. At 29, she’d celebrate two major events: she was invited to TEDxDover to talk about Geni- she invented a new computer language by using 3D into her algorithms. Her committee of support came from IBM, Microsoft, Sanctal Science, and Fortune Expo. She garnered three successful rounds of VC funding to launch an ISO standard for public use. While Geni was her gift for the world, she would meet a man that would speak to her health and happiness.

Port was the blood line to Jubal Early, a Confederate General in the American Civil War. Port was a steady stream of patriotism and exploration- much like his descendents. He’d find that his blood started from the deep South and was the same pigment as the red that flowed out of life and his country. He was a standing symbol of his nation and as independent as they’d come. He had mixed opinions of an America growing to be more diverse than he’d like- he’d categorize the non-white folks as all a lump sum to better the white people. The powerful were to the right of the equal sign- the rest were just lucky to be part of the equation. He’d change his analysis when he met Megan.

The contour of their beginning seemed to be the unlikeliest of traces. Port had just finished leading a youth rally at an all white summer camp- there wasn’t a flyer blast on Facebook and they kept away from public discourse- they kept the racial cloud hovering over only their own and the parents were tight knit with such narrow minded commonalities. Kids were there by invitation only; it mirrored the community that their parents had adored at their country clubs.

Megan was finishing a two day “Corporate Women” seminar at the University of Chicago- she shared about her background. Her father was raised in the Mediterranean and her mother grew up in Seoul, South Korea. Megan grew attracted to her father’s French dialect and her mother’s tradition to Korea. Throughout the conference, she felt like a younger Oprah; after the event, she’d stay for an extra couple of hours to do a meet and greet and later was ready to take her success back home.

They met at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Both were at Sable’s Bar in Concourse B waiting for different flights- she was waiting to get to New York while he was planning to arrive in Lynchburg, Virgina in a couple of hours. Both would go about their way strolling their luggage in opposite directions. But they had exchanged numbers and promised to meet again.



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