She had dark circles under her eyes – the type that I wouldn’t believe if they were the result of unrest and stress; I formed the thought that if I had a moment with her together, I would ask her out to coffee sometime soon. Just then I dropped a transparent blue glass plate on the table. The shatter became human- I could hear the “OO’s” and feel the seering tension of eyes cut through all of their importance and make this accident their new gaze.

Well, just to clarify, I’ve bussed long enough to know that I can get through a table while blindfolded. So any mental distraction is juvenile to spillage and breakage- my fingers were oily. The plate was slippery. We cleared the table and reset settings for the party of six. Such are my nights at Nobu. My weekends are for the service of everyone else’s weekends. My work is for their play- where would hospitality be without such arrangements?

Physically, many are my type and mutual attraction is usually the magnet that starts with the eyes. So any glances to and fro are my signal for them to call Nobu the next day and ask for that busser. But when that table clears my browsing history is suddenly gone and her intentions for anything more than a nice dinner is faded.

I haven’t dated in over six years; I don’t have much reason to right now- nor do I give a girl much reason to want to date me- the more that Relationship flirts with me, the more I shun the idea that she’s more important than my pursuit for Career. They sound like they’d hate each other, and I’d be stuck in the middle trying to get them to see each other’s better side.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be at Nobu four times a week and shortly after just three times a week. Summer classes will be my newest input to produce better output- Career needs me to take prereqs- I’ll listen to her for now. In addition, I’ve been coaching basketball voluntarily at LACES magnet school; once school hits summer, I’ll be more present during tournaments and practices. Oh yeah and I’m with LA Models.

Perhaps Relationship isn’t who I think it is. Maybe Relationship already knows who I am. And as the season approaches the busyness of summer, I want my heart to approach you, Lord.



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