Without Trouble

Through the glides of life, birds will fly in formation, dolphins will swim in schools, and humans will love within their community. But what transpires when the clouds become heavy and the waters sway with the curvature of man’s shocked adrenaline? The bird will lose its sense of flight and the dolphin will deepen its course to avoid the surface. I have met Trouble’s challenge and it comes violently in the forms of mental discourse – evil pervades to puncture its ink into my skin – nerves signal my brain in fear to flight- I want to run away, I want to give up, but in the end I know that the message I read will worsen if I let it be written.

Problems percolate and exhaustion clogs up the pores of youth- the boy becomes the potter and God becomes the clay- a hypocrite stands on the stage ready to deliver his message: When the praises go up, the blessings come down. And when the blessings go up, the praises come down.

Yet, there still is a vision that bends its knees and comes as close to the child as it can. Sacrifice comes in the form of a humble greeting- “I know you and I love you. I am proud of you”. In that moment, Trouble’s raspy voice forgoes its temper and tries to reserve its energy to fight back the next day.

“Thank you, Father. I’m in your space. I won’t let go of you. Don’t let go of me. Don’t let go”.

The clouds drain away from the new day. There is clarity in the animals’ kingdom- that bird becomes the leader of its pack and the dolphin swims upward to meet the calm of slower waters. The boy turns off the pottery wheel and presently reflects on the clay in his hands- “Let’s start over.” He looks at his red wrists that were once grabbed by Trouble’s demands- they soften to a grapefruit pink and then to an unbruised peach. He jumps up with joy and knows His father hasn’t let him go.


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