Carry it.

It’s been years since my parents found a new home. Starting today it’s 70 miles away from my hub where I plan to grow my interests and career. I’ve begun my search for a new place- the single in me wants to live cheapest as possible; I envy the Google employee who lives out of a truck in THAT parking lot. Perhaps parking lots should be new real estate commodity.

Tonight will be my first night at work extended past training. Nobu has been great. I’ve paid attention and tried to get ahead of the effort curve- I’m prepared for the challenge for a full time schedule. There is something to bussing tables of the wealthy and famous. Nah, Nas and Rihanna’s dishes are as dirty as the next poor man who scrapes food off his plate. It’s just an attitude and the honor of work isn’t a reach for tips, it’s a knowing that the Holy Spirit is helping me stabilize my tray full of ‘Water into Wine’ glasses.

During this Christmas season, coffee cups will be filled, movies will be reviewed and dining options will be reserved. Some will fly to family, others will stay. Some will laugh and some will cry. The spectrum of joy is each person’s decision to read into his or her own non-fiction and either shelve it away or carry it. I pray that we all carry it into the New Year.


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