Paris in Prayer

So there I was at 1:30 pm signing paperwork – this time at another sushi restaurant. But this time, I’m determined to stay there for a long time. I’ve learned my lesson – a job isn’t granted as easily as I thought it would come here in LA. My resume only shows legitimate work experience from NY, and I’m an LA native (brain Twizzler). It’s the actor’s dream job- my new place is a dinner hot spot – and yes, dinner’s only. That means I can up my game in modeling and learn under the tutelage of an experienced acting teacher. Day classes mixed with seeing sun and when night falls, I’ll be there to bus empty glasses and bowls onto my silver tray. It’ll be a lifestyle I won’t settle for, but I expect to set challenges to hone my craft and image as a talent in this industry.

Minutes later, I find Blue Bottle on Beverly on purpose- the taste of drip coffee ‘dripped’ into my mind. I sit looking opposite from the glass door; moments later, I look back and it’s Jake Gyllenhaal. In the awkwardness of wanting to take a picture and then post it on Facebook, I stage the sequence of surprise of both my new job and Jake on my news feed. I open the app again and scroll to find other news- Paris has been hit in a terrorist attack.

I pray and pray. Lord have mercy with your people- with our people.


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