Chateau de Pomegra

Changing gears for one post, I was biting into my pomegranate in its original context- whole and careful to bite in clusters without singling them. I also eat the entirety of the seed; it’s a bit chalky and dry once the juice funnels down my esophagus. So it led me to ask why do we associate grapes to wine? Were the sugars in grapes surprisingly much more than other fruits? Hence, the way forward to modern cellars and menu lists?

One forum writer and reader says, “Simply put, wine is the fermentation of the juice of fruit”. When I type in pomegranate wine in Google – there isn’t much that satisfy my curiosity palate. Sure, some wines explain the olfactory hints of pomegranate but the ingredients don’t directly hit the tip of my tongue.

I would like to see people experiment. Viticulture is great but horticulture can be so much more. It can be “pomegranately” beautiful.


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