The Present Sculpture

War and Death are the sculpted scenes within a kid’s head. Depression used to be a tool for him to combat against the joy of life- perhaps even the devil can fool a 7 year old child into thinking this way. Kid, the truth is that joy combats against the depression of life. Nevertheless, a chisel and hammer has repeatedly powered its way to shape his mind- it isn’t a sculpture that’s appropriate for the PG audience; it’s avant-garde and excessive- it’s the same influence that makes him throw temper tantrums from time to time. I’ve only seen it on video.

Today’s my first day nannying Christian. His mind runs faster than his lips are able to move- he’s always on an adventure and when he’s sitting down with my phone playing a game, he’s worried about the zombies attacking his botanical garden- I was hooked with the first edition when I was 22.

Christian isn’t the only name that I’ve been taking care of these days. There’s Andy, Ethan, Ian, Sol, and others who keep my weekdays busy at an after school and then there’s Michael who I private tutor for several hours weekly. So I’m back with the kids- my days of serving the youth at my church are indefinitely on hold- I like it the way it is these days as well.

Modeling and computer programming are also means of occupying my time; the Lord willing, I hope my brain can keep up with my looks, so that when the days of me standing in front of the camera are over, I can sit comfortably in front of a computer and design with robotic language. By then, I’m sure my kids will look at me and say they’re too embarrassed to go anywhere with me. But that’s the future. And this is now. Thanks Christian for spending time with me. Today was fun.


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