Red Thread

I’ve tried BrewWell’s MOIST chocolate cake. It’s a hub for the like-minded and studying connoisseurs who without their MCAT books would just drink coffee and go home. But this hub more than that- the pairing of chocolate cake to coffee is the invitation to a party of four or more.

I had the privilege of sharing a chocolate cake with Christine and her husband Alex. They raise two beautiful children or angels who on this Christmas day will probably ascend into Heaven for a few seconds to join its choir and then come back down to nag their parents for toys and more cake. As Kat and Justice grow up, they’ll be a solution to the world’s injustice and they’ll have their parents to thank for helping them along the way.

Red Thread International is Christine and Alex’s brainchild. How successful is it? “Very” isn’t a very thoughtful answer. So I’ll answer by saying that it is God’s gift to the world – the cause for good and the effect of good. Practically, they partner with brands, fashion and accessories alike, who join to raise funds for a specific page; overtime Red Thread will be a story book- causes worth reading and a movement worth joining.

Sex-trafficking and North Korea are just two of the early chapters of Red Thread’s heart to grow and further God’s love for His people. I’m excited to have worn the first Red Thread shirt, and I proudly left the photo shoot wearing it. I still haven’t changed out of it- it’s now the 4th day- the quality is that good.

Chocolate cake induces godly wisdom- Amen? Alex was sharing about art and artists and his perspective drew me more into clarity of my present situation; modeling is extremely difficult and isn’t any less of an art than the other professions in this Venn diagram. As Ashley shared with me today, this is our dream and we shouldn’t stop until we’re old and fat. I haven’t given up nor have my visions to glorify God become any less in this season of “waxing on and off”. My pastor recommends me to intimately start asking God- the Israelites were different- they were always about complaining. Lord, I want chocolate cake.


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