Is the story of Joseph the story of my life?

He was a man built of great physique and looks; God places him at the right hand of the Pharaoh. I can confidently answer that He has imaged me to be the first but He hasn’t necessarily used me like the latter. As I communicate with God, I have to be careful – my heart sinks into the riches of Joseph’s position- to be a godly man in an ungodly world. So when I communicate, I often wonder if my heart’s dwelling is more about wanting to be like Joseph or wanting to be more like Jesus.

My communication with Him is thought out and pre-planned; I need to pray and when I want to pray I often get in the way of Him wanting to lose communication for the sake of intimacy. He’d rather hug me than lay a list of doctrinal rights and wrongs; within His hug He knows that he points towards discipline and love- the discipline to turn away from sin and head towards Holy union- His covenant is my strength for love and to love.

My prayers are often a boring tv episode or a rewatched movie- even when the climax hits, you already know what happens; you’ll be less willing to watch it the next time, right? Don’t you think God might feel the same way? In my trials, I call; He answers. But what if prayer was so intimate EVERYDAY. Intimacy is not stale bread; it is manna that falls fresh each day; intimacy is awaiting the mysteries of God; intimacy is declaring that He is good even during hard times.

Joseph communicated with God; there may have been intimate times; But I see a clear winner- Jesus communicated intimately at all times. He was in the presence of His climax at each moment; He chose to be wholly intimate with His father- was that to gain a political or social platform? NO! If anything, that made Him lose all political power and social credibility. Lord, I apologize for envying Joseph more than declaring Jesus in this modeling industry. I choose to be like Jesus.


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