Bus 156 takes me through the Lincoln tunnel and travels north to my stay in Fort Lee.

It’s important to have one attitude, and it better be the right one; having multiple attitudes hurt because then it becomes too much about the moment rather than focusing on the bigger picture. One attitude for one past, one attitude for the present and one attitude for one future – what is your attitude?

During my 8 months in NY, I’ve gone from having multiple attitudes to developing one attitude. I’ve become more enduring and persevering; I child’s pose into prayer each morning and night knowing that my repentant heart is so quick to callous while I’m envious to gain from the world instead of receive from the Lord.

Either gain multiple attitudes or receive one attitude. He had to bear the weight of the Cross and He had the right attitude as He did it. It wasn’t a sloppy performance and there also wasn’t a rehearsal leading up to His march to Calvary. He didn’t shrug his shoulders or roll His eyes; He didn’t fight back; He didn’t give up. He bore the responsibility and weight of His father’s heart; He was prepared for the moment- He was equipped; He was on His knees in prayer and when the time came, He had one attitude.

Father, your kingdom come
Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.

I walk to the bridge each morning; from there I look to carpool with strangers who drop me off at Washington Heights. I take the A train traveling south to my stay in Manhattan. Wherever I go, I want His attitude.


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