Postcard #8: Part-time Shift

Thursday: I just finished a five hour shift for a catering company. My black dress shoes are for show, not for work. I should invest in a new pair. But then again, I’ll have to supplement my work with buying a $65 cheap black tuxedo jacket. Nah, I’ll forfeit the shoes and just take the insoles from my leather boots and insert them in my Steve Madden’s to ease my heel and calves. Tonight’s dinner setup was for Ellen Burstyn; after doing more IMDB searching, she’ll be in a load of 2014 movies- after all, she won the best actress Oscar for her role in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974). I have 25 hours logged in next week- who will I IMDB next?

Why am I working? Well, I’ve never had a legitimate job other than modeling; it’s not that I didn’t want to- it’s just that I was never legally able to work – I slightly thought about applying to McDonald’s before thinking that’d be too hard; nevertheless,¬†catering will expose my weakness and it’ll redefine my thoughts of hard backbone work. In LA I had about three modeling jobs a month- the equivalent of working five hour catering shifts everyday in a month. In addition on Wednesday I went in to see Pierce at Miansai- a high-end jewelry store in SOHO.

Friday: I received confirmation- I will be a sales associate in 10 days. Hey, they’re a 20-30 million dollar company and frequently featured in GQ. By the way, I hear there’s a rep about its location on Crosby street being known as ‘The Crosbro’s’ or “The Crosby Show”- it’s one of New York’s showcase of good looking men; I probably tip the scale the other way.

Why am I working? Sometimes, an opportunity will come when I’m least thinking about it. I haven’t been able to sign with any agency in NY- I’ve been praying and fasting – either I go back to LA and resume castings and auditions or I stay out here and approach these agencies again at a later time. I told my agents back in March that I’d most likely be home late June- those plans are shifting part-time. In between work shifts, I think I’ll be leaving enough room to work out daily, shoot my fashion blog twice a week, and work on editorials occasionally- all the while being empowered by unlimited coffee through CUPS and unlimited grace and mercy through His spirit.


Am I making the right choice in staying? If I knew my future, I wouldn’t be writing this post, all you’d be seeing is a calendar of my life- boring – “The nature of our spiritual life is that we are certain in our uncertainty… I am not uncertain of God, just uncertain of what He is going to do next.” I just ate two Kraft singles before my meal. I’m down to 84.


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