Postcard #3

I thought I’d hear by Friday, but I’ve had the weekend’s pleasure to understand the godly comfort of either yes or no. Wilhelmina NY, Soul, NY Models, have all passed on me; a quick note about Wilhelmina- transferring locations doesn’t necessarily mean a transfer of contracts – so, it’s the still the Porsche of agencies in LA, but I guess I’ll have to take the subway in NY. Having met, Request and Fusion earlier this week, I’m waiting on their responses and there is still Red, Adam,  Click, VNY, and DNA that may set up that initial meeting. I didn’t think it’d be this hard, but then again who am I to them and why would they care?

I attended Justice House of prayer’s worship and intercession Friday night- I think I will pin this event permanently during this 8pm-9:30pm time-slot. I’ve found another solid on Saturday’s – I played pick-up basketball with New Mercy, the church I’ve been checking out- there is the condition though that all players must attend church weekly- eh, I’m weighing the scales.  My current list for churches to visit are Metro, GCC, Catalyst Agape, and Redeemer- yes, in that order. So, my calves are still violently sore, and while Super Bowl Sunday was my body’s way of drawing itself onto the couch, it’s time to continue going to YMCA. The financial assistance from one location in the city brings down the membership to $67/monthly- darn, that’s what 30% off gets me. It’s more expensive out here!

Spiritually, I’m not so fueled from the messages I hear at New Mercy as I am through the constant refreshing of His word, worship, testimony and fellowship; physically, I’m getting stronger; mentally, I’m trying not to catch the weight of modeling because as the reality of news drops in my hands it’s been hurting, but rather modeling is merely a physical description of who I am, and in no way is it the definition of who God has created me to be. So good news or bad news this week, one thing remains- Him alone. With Him alone, I have the godly comfort of either Yes or No.



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