Postcard #1

Why is the time on my laptop set to PST? I bought it at a Best Buy on Columbus Circle; the difference in time just makes me think of home. When it’s 8 pm weekdays here, it’s 5 pm there and my agency is still working; when it’s Friday 8 pm here, the youth teachers back home are leaving work and heading for church; when it’s Sunday 4:30 pm here, Lifestream is starting service there.

Wednesday night, I arrive to JFK – I ‘Smart Carte’ my bags and find that the best option available is to pay for a private shuttle that cost more to get home in Fort Lee, Jersey than the plane ticket that took me from coast to coast. It was a physical and financial toll that I had not planned. My room is fairly large; I occupy the bathroom with one other person and take control of a kitchen that is not often used other than when I’m cooking- I won’t be authoring my recipes any time soon.

The NJ transit isn’t too kind- a single ride from my place to cross the George Washington Bridge cost $3.20 and I’ve already spent $20+ on cab fares to not end up in a lost & found. I’ve spent $112 on a monthly unlimited NYC pass- it’s ended up on the floor once or twice; thank God I still have it! Playing out the pros and cons in writing, Jersey is the difference of paying $150 more in transportation and spending more time in public transit than living in the city- I haven’t come to a conclusion of whether I think the pros outweigh the cons- I think buying a printer was my way of passively accepting that Jersey will be my home for the foreseeable months.

I have to go to sleep! I have my first of a couple agency meetings set up tomorrow- one with Soul Artist at 11 am and Fusion at 3 pm; with all the in-between’s of eating, working out, and laptop’ing at a cafe, I’ll have another day to journal and reflect upon- regardless of outcome and figuring out a set for Tuesday, I’ll envelop all that I am in Him so that He can mail me out to the people hidden, places unseen, and things undone in a city marked with survival instead of life. Lord, thank you that I am priority mail. Time to sleep in my bin and wake up tomorrow at the feet, doorsteps, and thoughts of those around me. // I’ll write soon! I promise 😀



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