Postcard #2

I just completed a thorough breakdown of my current budget and expenses; I have 4 months until I am completely broke! $1700 a month isn’t exactly enough to splurge on; each day’s amounts counts to the higher total- I’m sorta sad to say, but I think I’m going to have to cut down on the coffee- but then again, how else will I spend each day in the city?

Thursday night, I spent some time streaming through lists of “Things to do in NYC on Friday’s” and then made a similar search for ideas for Saturday. I didn’t make a committed effort to follow these sites’ recommendations – instead, I met new people! Sunday morning, I was ready for New Mercy and its community- did I leave questioning whether I should visit other churches? Yes. Towards the end of my NYC food tour with 4 of New Mercy’s core members, Michelle suggests that I should look into Catalyst Agape Center.

Catalyst Agape titles their small groups, “Lifegroups”? Their pastor’s name is “Sam?” WOW. Please don’t tell me that out of the 4 daughters that he has that 2 of them are named River and Eden. I will cry. *O wait, here it is on his bio: “Anna, Kristen, Trinity, and Sage”. I wonder if Sage is the cutest out of the bunch. I should check them out.

I met with Soul and Fusion today- both of the people I were to see didn’t greet me today- but I guess my book was passed along. I took digitals in both offices and both will reply at a later date. Meanwhile, I have to remind my agency to set me up with more meetings – I will be completely open book tomorrow. Lord, keep my eyes open and while my thoughts may travel, I pray that they would not settle on doubt- rather, would I re-focus and expense all that I have at your feet so that I can truly be set free. Thank you that you do not budget your love, but it overflows and pours into any stream willing to live life.

My address is 2458 6th St / Fort Lee, NJ 07024  just in case you were wondering 😉





Postcard #1

Why is the time on my laptop set to PST? I bought it at a Best Buy on Columbus Circle; the difference in time just makes me think of home. When it’s 8 pm weekdays here, it’s 5 pm there and my agency is still working; when it’s Friday 8 pm here, the youth teachers back home are leaving work and heading for church; when it’s Sunday 4:30 pm here, Lifestream is starting service there.

Wednesday night, I arrive to JFK – I ‘Smart Carte’ my bags and find that the best option available is to pay for a private shuttle that cost more to get home in Fort Lee, Jersey than the plane ticket that took me from coast to coast. It was a physical and financial toll that I had not planned. My room is fairly large; I occupy the bathroom with one other person and take control of a kitchen that is not often used other than when I’m cooking- I won’t be authoring my recipes any time soon.

The NJ transit isn’t too kind- a single ride from my place to cross the George Washington Bridge cost $3.20 and I’ve already spent $20+ on cab fares to not end up in a lost & found. I’ve spent $112 on a monthly unlimited NYC pass- it’s ended up on the floor once or twice; thank God I still have it! Playing out the pros and cons in writing, Jersey is the difference of paying $150 more in transportation and spending more time in public transit than living in the city- I haven’t come to a conclusion of whether I think the pros outweigh the cons- I think buying a printer was my way of passively accepting that Jersey will be my home for the foreseeable months.

I have to go to sleep! I have my first of a couple agency meetings set up tomorrow- one with Soul Artist at 11 am and Fusion at 3 pm; with all the in-between’s of eating, working out, and laptop’ing at a cafe, I’ll have another day to journal and reflect upon- regardless of outcome and figuring out a set for Tuesday, I’ll envelop all that I am in Him so that He can mail me out to the people hidden, places unseen, and things undone in a city marked with survival instead of life. Lord, thank you that I am priority mail. Time to sleep in my bin and wake up tomorrow at the feet, doorsteps, and thoughts of those around me. // I’ll write soon! I promise 😀