My Nose and its Cliff

With one hour notice last Wednesday night, I took the next hour packing and getting into my friend’s car; we were headed to the Grand Canyon. I led us to the unbordered routes where we couldn’t ask anyone but ourselves to take pictures for us- my feet were dangling off a cliff- I was yelling “Jesus” and felt my insides full of adrenaline- I curled my back forward to get a better view of the bottom – I couldn’t accurately locate where I’d land if I fell 6,000 feet.

From there, we drove south to Sedona; mountains were split, rocks were conjoined, and sediments were reddish pink- it was a glorious sight – Heaven on Earth. We approached a swimmers’ friendly, “Slide Rock”, but instead decided to settle again near the cliff – only this time we were jumping 35+ feet into water, a small feat for myself because I’ve done a similar height at Hermit Falls, but these jumps were as original as my first attempts – “Why do I have to go first?”

We reached ‘Phoenix’ around 9pm; for the next day and a half – it was ‘entertaining’ (‘music video’). Fast forward to Friday night; I wrapped a towel around my nose as I was getting out of the swimming pool; Sam snipped excess flesh, applied Neosporin, and prepared ice; I shared my testimony and once again was easily reminded of His goodness- He makes all things new.

IMG_0388Rewind 3 hours before this accident on Friday when I received an email from my agent saying that I booked a Motorola print job for 8/20. Doubt was filling a cloud.

This picture is my most recent check of healing – I sent it to my agent and after she sent it to the client, they approved that I can still shoot tomorrow.


Jesus, from the moment this happened, I laid this situation at your feet; you responded with grace – I don’t know how I will look tomorrow, but all I want to do is trust in you.


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