Mother and Father Agents

What a surreal feeling! Wilhelmina! IMAG0418

Arguably, they are the Porsche among cars, the Harvard among universities, the caviar among foods, and hence the top of all modeling agencies. They boast 12 of the top 50 male models in the world and their entire roster is so filled with promise that it makes my contract look weak.

I sat in its West branch’s office in Beverly Hills yesterday at 11 am thinking of the limitless opportunities – God is good at math – He adds favor into my life; I pray that I will humbly fight the good fight as I partner with Him; but let me reassure you, He is good at math – He can subtract whenever He wants – Lord, I pray that I’d carry a paradigm of being able to let go of my modeling career at the drop of a hat – that I’d be able to value the true meaning of worship as I walk through all that is worshiped in this industry.

On my way this morning to the YMCA in Hollywood, I open my emails – highlighted in a gorgeous black bold is the title of the email: “Wilhelmina Contract”. For the next two hours, I was working on my abs to build it as a platform to do my laundry. Sound familiar? It’s the voice of vanity, but for my purposes it’s the platform to praise God – that someone as weird or uneven as me can model – I hope my message will be clear: Model His Image. I thought of starring myself in short film titled, “I am a Model”; it’d be the comedic perplexity of the viewers asking, “How the hell is this guy a top agency model?” I’d show myself eating a live cockroach or eating massive plates of food and then highlight my weekends of networking – I serve as a youth teacher, attend an intercession prayer meeting afterwards, then go to life groups next morning, continue with youth teacher responsibilities, fellowship, then open my eyes for the Lord’s day.


I’m so thankful that you’d entrust me with responsibilities as grand as being Pharaoh’s right hand servant- I was so blessed to pray and cry with Tyler today- not only do I think of him as a brother, but also a great actor- continue to fill his life with your glory. I’m excited to partner with my mother agent; however, you shall act as “Father Agent” at all times.


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