He Nose You

I’m still experiencing limited movement in my nose – in all my years of playing basketball, I have not once been struck as hard as I did Saturday night. I can parallel the event to the oncoming upper cut of a purposed prize fighter – the crackling sounds reminded me of my chiropractic sessions some odd years back. Without the care of a university health insurance, I had to seek an independent practice – $200 later, the otolaryngologist gave me the same diagnosis as Pastor Sam had given me yesterday before service – “It’s bruised”.

This incident strikes me all too much not to write about it. If I have any insecurity about my looks, it is my nose. Straight, when dead on; however, my profiles are as bumpy and crooked as a politician’s good will – “Just look at me dead on, I look perfect”. With premature thoughts of spending a fortune on rhinoplasty – I bombarded a projection of false image unto myself – “Look perfect”. While I’ve received free consultations before, I am confident that those closest to me have given me the most priceless consultations – I am God’s child from the inside-out; He created me fearfully and wonderfully and He intends for me to stay that way. Instead of sculpting an image that speaks, “Look at me” I want to bow down and say, “Look at Him”.

Ironically, my look works – imperfectly, God’s blessed me with Phoenix, McDonald’s, and now during the past two weeks with Pearl Izumi and Reebok. So I speak of a testimony that gives God praise – in a Hollywood industry bubbling with doubts, fears, and insecurities, I remain secure in Him – that rather than measurements, proportions, and weight, He measures us in love, mercy, and grace.

When you looked in the mirror today, what did you see, feel, and whisper to yourself?


I looked at myself this morning to see if swelling on my nose went away – I am yet to comfortably blow my nose; Each day, the devil takes a backseat – I don’t know how he breaks through, but he just does; to kick him out, I enter into your presence and glory;  I am reminded once more that your words are honey to my lips and your voice is louder to me than the false distractions of Hollywood. More than being excited for my next project – I am in the here and now – You know me – He nose you ;). 257


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