The Birth Issue

My agency hasn’t sent me out to an audition in the past two weeks. Is my portfolio on pause?

I collected my first residual check today for McDonald’s “Bold Moves”- while it isn’t the large lump sum that my dad hopes for, it is my gratitude to know that God is providing.

I had the most amazing Easter Sunday- Lifestream had its first service outside of our church walls- we celebrated our time at a brother’s house. Precisely a year ago, last Sunday, I received my baptism and I was so happy to be in the crowd this time around cheering for my beloved members.  While His resurrection is the unlocking of real and raw joy in my life, I have felt a bit lackadaisical with prayer and devotionals. Lord, I pray for more discipline in areas that matter most- I need to learn from you.

If “Bold Moves” is a reoccurring word in recent days, I want to examine it in context of Heaven on Earth. On Good Friday, I woke up at 5:30 AM for an early editorial shoot- by far the edgiest of my kind (fig leaves covering my naked body? It’s quite accurate- but I pray it wasn’t with the same intention to hide from the Lord) and the inspiration to continue telling my story through model movements – God, is NY avail? Michael, the photographer, took me outside to share with me the idea and brain child for this specific shoot- Equal Rights. He and the whole team visioned the story from a homosexual’s perspective- from birth to full expression, a homosexual wants to break out of his shell and express his identity around his sexual orientation. I expressed my concern that if the cover of the editorial was titled, “I Support Gay Rights” with my face smeared on its respective slogan, I would not be able to support our movement for this shoot- I personally do not support homosexuality, but that does not mean I’m willing to walk around with banners lifted high declaring this population cursed and condemned to Hell.

This editorial being my third to shoot, but first to be published is truly the birth to my modeling career- is “interest” too flimsy of a word? In parallel, I expand on a birth of my acting career. I am almost finished with my first experience with Improv- my first class ends in two weeks notice- I will entertain enrolling for Improv 2; meanwhile, I have attended rehearsals everyday for the past two weeks for my first play- my debut is this Sunday night at 9:30 pm at the Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood.

Again, my ten page spread focuses about equal rights- In a raw way, I am telling my story- that I am undeserving of rights because my sin and shame got in the way of His plans of equaling me as His friend; it is in His power and right that He equals me in heavenly places- ME?? At the right hand of the Father? Jesus, you defeated the grave and bore my sin- you equal me with the power of heavenly dominion at my finger tips and equal me with the faith of saints and angels. RAW editorial Jacamo Magazine 1
Jesus was pressed and crushed; He was also persecuted and abandoned. Equality was dismantled in the grave, but His resurrection overcame all that was unequal and unright. Thank you Father.  RAW editorial Jacamo Magazine 5

RAW editorial Jacamo Magazine 2


One thought on “The Birth Issue

  1. Truly blessed by your words and the work you’ve been doing. So proud of you my friend and brother in Christ. May you be continued to be blessed and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you! ❤ Keep it up (:

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