Fashion Me

For those who have seen Phoenix’s entertainment music video and still need a synopsis, follow this lead; it is about North Korean soldiers dreaming about the possibilities of freedom; hence, I use my freedom to become a pop star. BOLD MOVE. Wait, type in “McDonald’s Bold Moves” in YouTube and you’ll find me in a 30 sec. commercial, but don’t blink or else you might miss my rise to stardom. *I’m eating a $7 pineapple right now. Thanks, mom for not reading prices when you shop at Whole Foods!” I find it internally hilarious how I change my vote for “favorite fruit” every time my teeth sink into one of its delicious variety. Pineapple, you’re back on top!”*

March highlights fashion’s spectacle in LA- the LA Fashion week; from what I’ve heard, it’s an uninspiring platform to fill space rather than to fill creativity and true beauty. So, I am excited about Freedom and Fashion’s runway event on the 22nd; first, it’s disassociated with LA Fashion week and it’ll be my first time walking- LA Models helped prepare me so much! Sarcasm aside, I’m inspired to write this post to declare the fashion of God’s blessings and provision in my life.

Within the spontaneity of audition-less or filled weeks, I need my constant. My constant is not a girlfriend nor is it money; my constant is Jesus. And in Constant Christ comes the satisfaction of knowing his prevailing peace through my trials and tribulations- the hardships that comprise the form of each individual is also the increment of maturity and character within me. Charles Spurgeon ignites, “We are made of one flesh and blood; we do not have china gentlemen and earthenware poor people; we are all made of the same mould of fashion.” Reading his work is a delight because my mold and his mould is the same- Jesus. While the fashion of our exteriors are all different- lest you be twins and your mother decides to make you guys the cover of her daily Instagram, we all wear the same commonality on the inside- sin. Hence, Spurgeon asks us to let the question ring in [our] ears: “Where am I? Is yon black tyrant, with his fiery sword, my king; or do I own Jehovah-Jesus as my strength, my shield, my Saviour?” So if my flesh filled fashion is to sin, I need to go back to the designer that originally fashioned me differently- that through His love, my garments will not eclipse my heart, but it’ll be the mold that He wants to soften and retouch each day so that I would be made anew. Lord, fashion me.

Irvin Rivera
Shoot with Irvin Rivera

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