A New Year

In a time of creative sacrament during our New Year’s get together, I was inspired to write, “Love the world, I do, but love its ways, I don’t”. In 2012, the spirit of poverty broke off of me partially but not completely; I no longer saw an orphaned spirit cloak my garments, but from moments of ashes came garments of praise. Family was a concept that broke through my windows of dark and enclosed space; I was finally able to see some good in my family and that this good could be used to make great for His kingdom. Family was the word that was divorced from my heart for many years; my childhood was the act of putting on my hoodie because I was ashamed to be associated with broken people; why did I gain the influence of degenerate parents, let alone unstable humans fighting their own fight. Yet, 2012 came the reuniting bond among the words family, hope, love, imperfection, acceptance, potential, kindness, and so forth. Why have I been blessed to be the vessel of truth in the context of my home?

Les Miserables has been the talk of my thoughts since Christmas day. I had not seen a trailer, merely billboards, nor did I take refuge in the vast 25 years of history in its famous theatre production. Scooting past attentive viewers, Alex and I found seats and a time frame of the movie that drew important revelations of change, transformation and the image of beast to creature and from its devil of old to the hope of new. Here are a few takes of my interpretative spirit:

Hugh_Jackman_is_Jean_Valjean_in_new_Les_Mis_rables_posterJean Valjean is caught stealing and sent before the Bishop to receive judgment; yet judgment turns into kindness represented by a physical manifestation of two silver candlesticks which become Jean’s motivation to be “the light wherever he goes”. Carrying his treasure of spiritual change through his journey, he becomes the father to Cosette and becomes the stability that she never had and becomes the woman that her mother, Fantine, had struggled to bless all her life. So as much as we can see the story revolving around Cosette, isn’t the beauty of the father’s heart appealing? Well, his repentant heart stirred my focus to study Valjean; he is intriguing; his secrets of his past kept him hidden- ‘stealing’ him away from the truth of his present self- that he now sings, “I love you very much”. He continues to win his battles even against his foe, Javert. Jean sees him noosed and bent at his knees; in what seems like a bloodless resurrection, Javert is given life because Jean was given life (thinking candlesticks). In transition, Jean finds Cosette her suitable helper, Marius and brings them together. From caretaker to caregiver, Jean has sacrificed plenty; he has been a vessel for life’s journey of second chances- he has stewarded grace and given it back to others; wearing the drag of baggy eyes, nervous veins, and gray hair, he profoundly speaks, “To love another person is to see the face of God”.

Jesus, I pray that 2013 will be the year that I can lose insecurities by winning your affections. In moments of meditation of sin, would I invite you there so that the devil’s desires will quickly dissolve. I seek new challenges and new circumstances- good or bad, I yet not know, but I know that you are an unchanging God. 2013, with you- I’m so excited.



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