Scratchers for Breakfast

I started this morning by scratching the surface of deferred action. I am one of an estimated 72,000 undocumented applicants  who hope for a free range of possibilities (work permits, driver’s license and the likes). After taking a cute picture and imprinting my sanitized fingers for government records, I went to the “House of Breakfast” to eat dinner- just kidding, to break my eight hour fast. 

We both ordered the daily special: Sirloin tips with rice. The title is a bit misleading; We ate stew for breakfast. Sitting on the counter to the very left of us was an elderly Asian woman, a regular at the House, whose conversation flowed in Japanese between her and the waitress. In this elderly woman’s hand were a stack of scratchers and if that wasn’t enough, she bet her chances by buying additional lottery numbers at the liquor store next door. Finally prepared, she shuffles each card neatly and starts to systematically undo the film of these scratchers with the handle of her fork. An African American lady peers over her shoulders before heading out and the woman responds, “7 dollars I got” in her unimpressive grammar, but adorable demeanor. With the support of “Ooh, good luck”, the lady exits the House. Physical pixels of debris mounted next to her plate of ham and hash browns, as she peered through each one of the remaining scratchers with the hope that “7 dollars I got” was the start of “Good Luck”. 


For all of us, life did not make a wager with us, but for some of us, we make a wager with life. God did not form us by scratching away at who we were to become; I am not who I am today because God surprised himself by uncovering my gifts and talents. He was intentional to create me out of love. God does not activate tsunamis or earthquakes by peeling at the surface of random chance, but with every decision, He remains merciful and just. He is not the author of wrongdoings, and while he does have dominion over the random, He does not randomly relate to us. We are not random people governed by random circumstances living in a random world- we are a purposeful bunch, given purposeful circumstances in this purposeful life. We are each given the exciting freedom to give Him glory.

I felt for that elderly woman; somewhere in life, she lost vision of real joy; I pray that our lives would scratch the depths of His heart and glory each day, uncovering what is not yet seen or heard- that there is so much more that He is willing to show us if only we were a willing people to peel the realms of what is possible for what is impossible. If only we were to peel away our grandiose faith for a child-like faith and peel away our calloused hearts for an obedient heart would we be victorious. He waged His son’s life so that we would not wage our own; I’m a true winner today. 


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