Turtle: Verb

Leo Carillo State Beach offered a resort- like setting for ‘sort’ of a ‘re’-diculous price: FREE. Creation is not anything new to talk about, but creation creates creation; Hence, the following:

It’s through bellowing waves and finely dented rocks that are necessary tools for us to know Him. His love has capacity as also illustrated by the capacity for these rocks to solidify and crease the waters’ momentum to its left and right; construction takes place in the city; I have yet to see man forklift boulders out its resident beach or take the sandy dunes and register it in on a new horizon. Nor are there responses that murmur hope for a different palette. “Hmm, perhaps it would have been better to put that island of rock one mile west or make the sea turtle with dark blue. “Turtle” used in that context is a verb and means meshed” Yet, I’ve seen man parallel his love for creation by opening up a new canvas and resting it on an easel. He then experiments with colors to match life’s perfect shade. There is a different purpose to creation when a caravan full of kids hop out to see nature at its foggiest moment and at its brightest moment- as human beings both experiences should be breath-taking; as He breathed life into creation- all our experiences should be breath-taking- one that allows us to breath life into our art, music, dance, sport, or studies. Sometimes, it’s the simple touch of life that breathes through the robotic and cold-shouldered feel of everyday life. Image


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