Oppa, Gospel Style

With the help of StubHub, I bought tonight’s Giants vs. Dodgers tickets two months in advance. My dad and I arrived to the game at the top of the 5th inning: so much for planning things? But PLAN THIS: As I’m walking up to row A in Field Level 48, “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!” My peripheral’s weren’t scoping- were fans telling me to do the dance? Ah, well we directed our attention to the big screen (no, not YouTube); He did the dance at the game! He was alone- sitting next to some random white dude. That ain’t 강남 스타일. Invite your peeps next time like 유 재 석. Oh, and there was some crazy korean girl wearing a rainbow propeller hat and Dodger T. She was screaming her head off, and I definitely wanted to add her on Facebook. 

Clayton Kershaw pitched a phenomenal game- 10 strikeouts? Yikes. Giant’s pitcher, Madison Bumgarner was no Giant tonight. With 10 strikeouts of his own in his winning performance, He was David! (Ah, I tried). Now heading to the 7th inning stretch of my blog, here’s where the revelation gets really exciting.

What’s your role when you introduce the Gospel to people’s lives? Are you the starting pitcher? In case, you’re out by the 3rd inning, there are relief pitchers behind you. Are there more warming up in the bullpen? Is the manager signaling for the closer? Well, I’ll tell you what. Giant’s closer, Romo, mislocated a pitch and Henley Ramirez belted one to deep left center to scare the opponents; we finally scored with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th; 2-1. Time for a meeting on the mound.

Ethier rolls one to the 1st base for the final out of the game. Their substitute closer gets the job done.

I pray that we will stick through the journey of one’s life, no matter the inning or the number of errors displayed on his scoreboard; it’s not about how fast we pitch, but if our strike zone isn’t the Gospel, send in the next pitcher. We all have a redeemed role through Christ; He gives us strength to fight the good fight and pitch in the close games. Let’s share and live out the Gospel. “Oppa, Gospel Style.”





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