Listen for Love

My life is an attentive ear; I hear God speak words of love to me, but I also listen to how much He loves the person standing in front of me. Before I knew the Lord, my life was a clouded ear- one that needed a quality Q-tip, a start for a Quest to delve into a true relationship with my one and only Creator. Since, my relationship with Him has created a clearer sound as to how I should treat my parents and peers. He gave me that Q-tip- advice that never fails to love. 

With her head bundled in my right arm, we laid next to each other. She talked and I listened. My mom giddily told me that she received a surprising phone call. She was this caller’s first love, and I was the birth and creation of her real love, my father. However, it was a love that quickly dried- a love that was more imaginative than committed, yet I was the fish that came from that small pond. She repeated once again, “I was this caller’s first love”. 

Sadness started to drip from my face. Gravity pushed my tears to the side of my temple. I thought, “If only she knew, that there is one caller who loves her more, who has tried harder to reach her than this man on the other line” If only, she knew that God was actually her first love; yet when I asked her she laughed saying, “I don’t know who”. I smiled back and replied, “God is your first love.” 

Later she expressed that she needed MAC products- specifically NW20 Foundation, mascara, and light colored lipstick. We went online shopping together and to her delight, I was able to place the order. I pray that one day she will apply more than make-up- that she would apply God’s word of love on her skin that would embed in her heart. 


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