3 AM blog posts aren’t the norm for me, but it’s because Caffeine and I got into a little conflict today- She tasted so good and I couldn’t resist not taking another sip. Earlier tonight, I visited Cafe Dulce’s GRAND opening located in between Grand and Hope street on 11th. In lieu of trusting my knowledge about my previous history with me and Caffeine, I indulged once more by asking for a Dulce Latte and finishing the remainder of my unambitious friend’s Americano. *I just clapped and killed another gnat; these things are monstrously annoying* Hence, with great people, inviting music, and a nice atmosphere, I put the Dulce Latte as the icing to my night. Go check the place out!

Falling asleep is an art. I’m sloppy at it. Unless I’m extremely physically tired, my thoughts run aimlessly pursuing primarily lust instead of actively recounting God’s blessings for me throughout the day. Monsters run through my head. It’s truly worthy to bow down to Jesus- I mean REALLY how did He remain perfect? Even His flesh did not bring down the worth of His soul- that He knew what He was worth- He was worth God’s all and there was no denying in Him that all meditation and actions would be the cause and effect of God’s love for Him. In other words, I think it is extremely disrespectful to think that Jesus EVER left His human form while He was on this earth. i.e Thinking back on his patience and endurance on the cross, many doubtful souls lean towards his other identity- that He must have been only God while His earthly presence took a breather- that as the weight of His upper body gravitated below the level of comfort, He wasn’t really suffocating because He was acting as God at this point.  He’s the first ‘superhero’ to not use his power when he was responsible for His own life. If “The Avengers” impacts your imagination, let Jesus transform mine. Yes, Lord impact my imagination and my thoughts to be Holy in your presence. Why is Caffeine the source of my late night thoughts? Why can’t I settle on you? May you be the provider of Holy thoughts- that I’d praise you for every new introduction: “Hi, I’m Sejin. Nice to meet you.” and to praise every blessing that you took time to conspire with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Aren’t you enough in my life? Even if Caffeine wants me awake through the night, may I give devotion to you- that through my thoughts, words, and demeanor I’d have no other train of thought- that the cold frosting Coors Light commercial would be second to my train wreck in you; I want to encounter you even if it means my thoughts that give attention to the world become wrecked.

Be my caffeine; Be all of my awareness, energy, and new life.


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