The topic of limitations can be spoken from so many different angles, that there very well seems to be an unlimited source of perspectives; yet I’ll respectively try to cover a few that have been resonating with me.

  • There is a constant cycle of 6+ BILLION people who experience a new age- or as more easily recognized: birthdays. Yet from these 6+ BILLION, I truly do celebrate perhaps only 50 people as they come into another season of their lives.
    • Limitation: Presence
  • I share the confines of a cell with my mother.  Black trash bags drape  my windows and  nail holes make these walls seem like target practice. My dad lives next door in a setting that justifiably is worse than my place- he has no bed.
    • Limitation: Comfort
  • I’ve been curling manly weights lately; ‘eh’, it’s just 25 pound dumbbells. Although I may be stronger than the average Joe, it still has not been easy when I’ve  helped my dad carry furniture at his work.
    • Limitation: Strength
  • I can easily pinpoint most of my parents’ flaws- it’s a bucket list of what not to do; I can easily stare down a homeless person on the street and say to him, “I’m sorry, I don’t have change”. When my eyes gaze upon a 12 x 24 billboard of a seductive woman my first instincts may not be sincere love, but innate lust. 
    • Limitation: Love
You know every folly of my heart, and yet you are slow to anger. So, while I am limited to love, comfort, and strengthen you are unlimited in all of the above. Before, my heart is enticed by a woman’s fragrance, may your fragrance be my reward- that all my senses would be aligned with you and every ounce of my limited devotion would be for you. While I find myself being Christ-like to those that I choose, may you increase my capacity to love and be loved by you. I am only so present in my youth kids’ lives- that while video chat is the realm of contact with my kids on the weekdays, you see your children through an unlimited array of angles and mediums. You use all of you to reach your children- you want me to be in your unlimited presence, comfort, strength, and love. While I fall and get back up, you fervently broke through the world’s shackles of humiliation, shame, and disgust and you currently have no intention of leaving your throne. You play no role of “The Dictator”, but of “The Savior”- a plot and movie based on the script of your presence, comfort, strength, love and many more roles that I have yet to uncover in this post. Thank you for being “The Constant Gardener” in my life- one that is not limited through space, matter, and time, but unlimited throughout the course of life. 

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