“What are you doing in my life?”

“What am I doing with my life?” is an age old question that surfaces at least once in everyone’s lives. For some, it entraps them in the forces of depression and discouragement; for others, it enlivens the possibility of life- that the teamwork of joy and purpose would set them apart. Hence, this question is the check-up and examination of who we are ; it’s a moment to wade into quiet waters from our turbulent settings. 

However, recently, I’ve framed my perspective to ask a different question: “What is God doing in my life?”. I’ve been learning that I am  the ark of the covenant- measured and bound by His love and reinforced through my testimony- that I have been placed at the Mercy Seat. At this seat, I imperatively declare that God is doing awesome things in my life. It’s my praise and affection for Him- while it’s hard to justify that I am changing the world or creating a plateau for myself, my thoughts are more imminently pressed for His kingdom: “God is awesome”. 


Isn’t is silly for me to ask the question, “What am I doing with my life?” I mean, you never asked this question while you were on Earth. I’d be perplexed to think that our Savior would be lost- that the circumference of His thoughts were in wilderness. But your thoughts were holy- while you were tempted to ask this question, you turned to the devil and asked, “Don’t you know what God is doing in my life?” Rhetorically, it’s an answer that gave us new life. Brothers and sisters, we need to count our blessings. While the scope and depths of our blessings are indescribable, I pray that our lives may reflect the simple truth: “God is awesome in my life”. 


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