I had a cluster of interviews last week, each adding on to the excitement of starting a “career”. 40 hours, salary, experience all seem purposeful and necessary, and while law school remains a close second, I pray that He would uncover answers along the way. 

But back to interviews. Aren’t they sometimes the most pressure wrenching, sweat dripping, and heart beating experience of our lives? As I took the hot seat last Tuesday, I calmed myself with Messiah meditation and LimRuger water. This law firm encompassed the entire 28th floor of a hulk-like building in Downtown LA. To cut the story short, Mr. Lim’s response was so kind and rewarding- his compliments seemed “worth” all the hard work in spite of a  plastic spoon-like upbringing- without many resources I’ve made the most of it. 


If Mr. Lim’s response was as sincere and supportive as anyone I’ve ever met, how much more are you willing to listen to me? You have never been my interviewer and I your interviewee. You already know me, and even if you see my suit, you want to see my heart. We don’t shake hands. We hug each other. You don’t ask for my résumé; I look at yours in the Bible. I don’t come to you each day approaching the hot seat- I come to you on the mercy seat. You’ve opened your throne for your children- it’s become our playground- we have so much fun in your presence. Not all answers are responses because some answers don’t respond to our needs, but that meeting was definitely encouraging. I’m not surprised that you scheduled that meeting in your calendar- you were watching and listening. May your responses never be the fulfillment of merely my emotions or feelings- may they strictly be from our relationship- that our closeness would garner more love for each other- that through your presents and presence, I’d reflect with admiration and thanksgiving. Thank you.


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