I’m always thinking of ways to secure my future- whether I follow plan A or plan B, the revelation is that while man need plans, all you created was within one singular plan; Genesis through Revelation you were able to use the weaknesses of man to fulfill your plan- to bring Heaven on Earth and restore humanity through Christ. May the importance of my plans not come from their respective destinations,  but from the journey set before me. From the breaking of its shell, to the eating of the yolk, the richest and most nutritious part of my plans come from core of who you are. You love to express yourself and reveal greater glory to those who seek it. My plans without your glory is mere folly- it is a huge blunder rather than a blender filled with your divine majesty and my will to give you all honor and praise. It’s the perfect smoothie. If Plan A doesn’t work, I know I can rely on Plan B- Be all that I am in you. 



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