Break the walnut

I recall a revelation. 

Subject: Walnuts

Verb: Break, Love, Heal

There is an art to cracking a walnut. It isn’t to take one and place it beneath the goliath of a car’s tire; on the other hand, one wouldn’t take it and slap it around with her palm, even a fist won’t do (Ouch!). I’ve eaten perfect halves of a walnut before; there’s such structure, and it’s as pleasing as peeling a tangerine skin without breaking its entire link. A walnut’s shell is hard and durable, but meant for breaking because there is fruit inside its body.


You’ve tested my heart with different obstacles and challenges- each that poured its own weight to breaking my heart. Jesus, this isn’t a complaint, but a simple reminder that you have a purpose for my sinful heart. Oh, I’m sure you weep over a heart that is blind because it’s not able to see your wonders and majesty- it’s not able to see your Goodness. I was once a walled- nut; my sinful heart was hard and calloused, but meant for breaking because there is fruit inside my body. You want others to seek the harvest-fruitful testimonies that can be used to influence the lost. Inside the hard shell of a stubborn heart lies the true vessel of light that can shine forth; we need to celebrate for the breaking of our hearts! Mourning comes from its breaking, but joy comes from its healing. Only you know how to break our hearts- it’s not through the great expanse of your wrath and anger, but it’s through your grace and mercy. You haven’t destroyed us; we’re not debris, but we still remain intact; your hands pry the hard shell off our hearts; the fruit of your presence ready to be eaten and shared with others. There is no nutrition when the shell isn’t touched, but its breaking ensures good health. 


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