Frosty the Savior

Last night at 2:20 AM, I was thinking, “Why is my freezer so warm? Exactly, why is my ice cream melted?”

Google search response: DEFROST.

I jump out of bed, open the freezer, and precisely, there is a huge chunk of ice, snow composed in a massage blockade: the vents could not release its vibe. I took two empty beer bottles, and started breaking down its composition. Making progression, I find my next weapon. It’s a medium sized screwdriver. Instead of shaving the ice, I started to chip away at the ice releasing massive chunks of the problem. I felt stupid; I should’ve done this before. After a good night’s rest, I wake in the morning feeling breakthrough. I touch the container, and voila, the ice cream has indeed hardened.


Back in April 2010, you defrosted my heart- first taking away the big chunks of indifference, anger, and confusion about my true purpose. Since then, you’ve been chipping away, at any callousness or residue of SELF in similar fashion as before- that with love and kindness you lead me to repentance. You’ve defrosted my soul; I HATE WARM ICE CREAM!; you have stirred a passion and fire in my heart- I scream, not for ice cream, but for your Spirit and Truth to guide me as I release authority; it’s time to reveal the righteousness that has become established in me.


One thought on “Frosty the Savior

  1. it sounded like a massive roadwork you were doing……to melt a block of ice, lol!
    and thats a very sweet and genuine prayer. more and more lately i sense complacency and compromise creeping in my system, mostly under the excuse of being stressed about life. reading your blog really encouraged me to get back on track to run the race, thanks for sharing!
    i pray that God would give you doves eyes for only him 🙂

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