Mines in the Mind

Tiptoe around a battlefield, and you might end up tipping over. Careful! There are mines. And Hell, you sure hope it’s not going to be yours because once it’s triggered, BAM!

The design of my flesh warring against Spirit and Truth led me to think about the following:

Mines in the battlefield scar the flesh, but Mines in the Mind impact my thoughts and shake the core of Spirit and Truth.


Mines in my mind have detonated, and they have left debris of the world’s lust and desires scattered in my brain; the mess is harder to clean up than Pixie Dust candy spilled on a carpet floor; figments of Screwtape’s recordings replay in my mind; he wants to steal, kill, and destroy me; he’s so menacing that each verb has its own purpose (yeah, they’re not just synonyms; they’re more like cinnamon to the throat; one would have to take a plunger to his esophagus because cinnamon is lethal.) Yet you’re still willing to clean me from the inside-out! You want to take my pride! You clear land mines away from my mind and heart. You know where the devil has planted them. You find them and show me. You say, “Look, you were about to get blown up; I am here for you”. You tell me to read your Word, and plant your actions in my life; you give me authority to create a different atmosphere. Is the land mine still there? Is the issue completely resolved? I need to pray consistently. You truly are my Savior.


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