A Key Leap Year

I’m not going to have another blog on the 29th until 4 years later. So God, release divine inspiration!

There are 366 days in 2012- another day, another chance to forget what’s lost and strive for what lies ahead. What are the scientific implications of adding 24 hours to our schedules every 4th year? I would imagine that as fine-strung this universe is, these additional 1440 minutes makes all the difference- the inventor, the creator knows that this very day, new lives are planted and some lives are rooted from its earth. Every hospital today breathes of another miracle baby- one imaged just as Jesus was imaged- to be one with the Father and the Holy Spirit- to be loved and love. Every grave today entraps another flesh, but not necessarily its soul. Philosophically, what does a leap year mean? In an eternal timeline, God has fit a precise 29th of February every 4th year. If a year starts and stops as fast as a blinking eye, God must have some plan on this very day. His plans for the 29th must be eternal or else he wouldn’t need this day to fulfill anything- let alone remind the economy that there is grace: one more day open for business.

So let’s have Spurgeon help us out a little bit. He says, “No key ever fitted a lock so well as Christ fits a sinner”. So, let today be the ravishing reminder that I, a sinner, has been renewed in divine grace and mercy- that with just one knock on today’s door, he opened himself to me; he’s not open for business; today’s not just another day for undeserving corruption; today shouldn’t be a day for manipulative politics; today wasn’t just a day for me to ask God to skim the sin that rests on the surface of my heart; today is the day for that key to penetrate in its own design. “There is the narrow hallway. Here is the key to Christ. Open the door and you will find me.”



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