Ash Wednesday

I just finished watching The Descendants featuring the Honorable Clooney. 

This just happened to…

Dawn on me:


Internal status update:


That cremation essentially signifies “from dust you are and to dust you will return”.  (Gen. 3.19)

Lord, during this  Lent season, I want  to be more than ash. You  gave me your spirit and life, and under your authority, I’m seated in heavenly places. From dust I was, and although my earthly body will perish along with the best of us, my spirit is yours to take and yours to refine with fire.  Although a cremator has the strength to generate  1600-1800 F to ensure disintegration of the corpse, I know you have the strength to refine my heart with heat more powerful than this industrial machine.  You have the ability to purify; you’ve already given me all of your love, but I still look up; refine me, not to dust, but to your presence.


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