A carpenter is a person who builds a house in their heart- a house to shelter others from the cold and the rough pavements of life. Jesus sanded my sins away and polished me into a new creation. As a carpenter, He remodeled and built another room in His house. He left enough space to forgive me. On wood, He built and on wood He was pierced for our iniquities. He has carved me into His image- an image that captures the essence of the Cross and the Resurrection. He is the carpenter of my soul, mind, and strength.

Having just turned 22 years old, my journey is still under construction, but my journey is in the comfort of His dwelling place.


2 thoughts on “22”

  1. i like what you shared, it reminded me of the Switchfoot song “Let that be enough”. I guess 22 is a point of life where dreams and aspirations sort of consolidate into actual life decision, and it can be very confusing i feel. thank you for sharing your vulnerability, its’ encouraging to know that this race of abandonment is not a lonely one! 🙂

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