Said, Hike.

“Lin or Lose”. Seriously, in this 4 game winning streak, if it wasn’t for Lin, they would’ve lost. Do you like it? I would have it trademarked; except, it costs $275 to do so. Nike would tell me to “Just do it”, but really, I don’t have that kind of money. But Jeremy won’t wear the shirt; He’s not about himself. He shares values with Tebow and Kershaw. It’s really about community- that in Denver, L.A, and New York, they’d be beacons of light- that Tebow would pass the Gospel for a 15 yard slant to the broken hearted- that Kershaw would strike out the next temptation to step up in the batter’s box- that Lin would assist his teammates to the heart of His presence and salvation.

As an avid sports fan, I’m more about ‘win or lose’; it’s these stories of 4th string backups (Tebow and Lin) who receive opportunities to shine in the limelight, and through their success, they direct that light to the creator of their athletic prowess; simply, God is good. And prophetically, the truth is spoken; The Lord is good.


You’ve given me a passion as well. I’m proud to wear a shirt that says, “God Emmanuel: God with us”. With that favor, I can “Just do it”. I can strive for my dreams because I know that you’ll meet me half-way. You’re snapping the ball to me. “Said, Hike”.  Thank you for your fatherly love.


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