The Son Shines

Mother Teresa’s “Come Be My Light” will always be encased in my bookshelf, but these 350 pages will manifest through my life- what an inspiration, what a role model.    

Her humility and meekness is second to Jesus, literally. “Her very poverty was her meeting place with God” and her life’s work is the harvest from seeking the most intimate desires of her Father’s heart- that in poverty, she was able to suffer; in her suffering, she knew that only God could weaken her flesh which strengthened her trust in the Lord. Her flesh became so dark during her 55 years of ministry. Here’s the revelation: The darker her flesh, the brighter that Jesus was able to shine through her life. So much joy traveled from her to the individual who helplessly gained comfort in her arms- she was willing and able to restore respect, care and love into each desolate person that she met. SO BRIGHT was her light that the following story portrays the extent of her presence and imprint in this world:

“On September 5, 1997, after 8 P.M. Mother Teresa complained of severe back pain; soon her condition was aggravated by the inability to breathe. The sisters at the Motherhouse were alarmed. All was done to help her; a doctor and a priest were called in. Unexpectedly the electricity failed and the whole house was in darkness. Foreseeing an emergency, the sisters had secured two independent electric supplies. But both lines went out at the same time; such a thing had never happened before. Prompt and expert medical aid could not help, as the breathing machine could not be started. It was 9.30 P.M. While Calcutta was in darkness, the earthly life of the one who had brought so much light to this city and to the whole world was extinguished. Even so, her mission continues: from heaven she still responds to Jesus’ call, ‘Come be My light.'”


I want something more; You’re the light that never fades; therefore, I want you to darken my flesh. I don’t want to see my flesh. I want it to be so dark that if I wanted to walk in my fleshly desires and fantasies, I’d have no reinforcement- that I’d be blind as a bat. I want to be scared of my flesh- that instead of sin infiltrating my heart, I’d want sin to dissipate just as a vampire caves in when light reflects its shine from you. I want to be sustained through obedience, and provided through your grace and mercy. I, too, have an evangelistic heart- I know you’re the one who put that yearning in my heart- to see each one’s potential- to call those tired and weary back home where there’s rest and reassurance that death has been overcome.  I want the Son to shine SO BRIGHT.


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