Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day takes on a different form of celebration. Doesn’t it? In certain respects, the day gets people more sobered than on Christmas Day. The anecdote of Christ two thousand years ago, if He is registered into our thoughts only on that day, seem less transparent to some of us than King’s heroics. While basking on King’s endeavors, it seemed relevant to write a perspective (taken as an excerpt from my law school personal statements) on God’s cry for justice in this world.

On my current Google Chrome page, I have multiple tabs that highlight either direction of moral compass. One tab shows an article of “Pvt. Danny Chen, 1992–2011” and the atrocities of an unfortunate outcome- that “He was 19 years old, a scrawny six-four, and wanted nothing more than to join the Army. Just like so many other young men. But very few from Chinatown.” Being humiliated and harassed daily for a six week period, he ended his life one morning. The article ends with the sorrows expressed from his mother. She says, “I’d rather go with him”.

A different tab rests on the “CNN Freedom Project” page. This page highlights that through faith and action, today’s generation of 18-25 year olds can help end modern day slavery. More importantly, everyone can join the movement reinforced by Dr. King Jr. fifty years ago. He cautions that there will be dark days ahead of us, but reminds us the big picture: “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”  Private Danny Chen’s mother’s statement can be a seen in a different light- that she wants to be with Danny where racial slurs become encouragements, cultural differences become shared experiences, and fists become handshakes.

Aristotle says that the primary purpose of law is to cultivate the habits that lead to good character. According to my life experiences, it would be hard to characterize my wants and needs more efficiently than Aristotle’s insight. To bend the arc of the moral universe, I need a legal education to become a blacksmith; society, when refined with proper sculpting can bend towards justice.




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