Hell, I’m insecure.

I’m scratching my head for any bits of wisdom; I’m having a hard time deciding on what to reflect on- Honestly, it’s because I’m feeling insecure.

I can talk about the unrelenting grace of Jesus Christ or the irony of studying seven hour days but receiving a 143 on my LSAT. I can talk about Grahams crackers or Miller Genuine Draft. I can talk about my thoughts about living in Seattle for the foreseeable 3-4 months to obtain residency so that I can finally show the police a tangible driver’s license. I can talk about my sluggish days so far during this New Year or I can talk about the hope that lives in me.


I know that bumping Jason Upton on Spotify doesn’t account for sincere worship or that exploring Jesus  by watching movies does anything concrete to give you praise and glory. I find my days deteriorating because I’m not finding ways to serve you. I feel justified to live up to this remark: “Woe is me, for life brings challenges”. But truly- woe is me because I am not in constant worship- that my Father in Heaven deserves my spirit to be renewed in His mighty name. I will take the next 15 minutes to pray on my knees- not for you to hear my groans about the things that afflict my heart, but for you to receive praise from my lips. I’ve got 99 problems, but prayer ain’t one. Hell, I’m insecure, but Heaven keep me this way- I need to learn to yearn after His glory, not for things that will die temporarily, but for my soul to count His blessings- that in every hour, He wants all of me and in His graciousness, He accepts all of me.


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