As the start of December days drift away, I’m not studying for finals. Not studying for finals?

On December 3rd, taking the LSAT was my final for this semester. I have not had a more grueling time battling temporary successes and failures; sometimes I would look at my potential and be pleased that there are minor roadblocks; other times, I would worry about my inconsistency and the constant doubt that I have not developed strong fundamentals and rather leaned towards chance. I don’t expect my scores to be high nor snow angels to pave a way to a strongly ranked law school, but just to have an opportunity to start classes in Fall 2012.

As I typed in “Dream Act” on my phone’s Google search, I came across the most recent and scrutinized article: a 19 year old’s decision to end his own life on Thanksgiving Day. While the rest of his family members were American citizens or residents, Joaquin was the only member (undocumented) that felt as if there was no possible way to realize his dream.

Such is the trajedy (removed from a Shakespearean context) that extenuates a minority who are in limbo. I, too, have had to cut down choices because the wind had forced doors shut and somehow hardened the locks through its winter frost.  I pray and hope that come spring, ice will melt of its hinges, and doors will reopen as God comes to clearer terms.


I will not grow desperate for a  paycheck, complain about not having a driver’s license nor pout because FAFSA is citizenship sensitive. However, I ask for your presence to mold my integrity and character this holiday season. Use me mightily for your kingdom.


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