The Best Fighter

Pacquiao vs. Marquez III’s fight portrayed a different script than its “THE END” conclusion.

I thought it was just Hollywood, but sometimes the true victor’s arm isn’t raised with a crowd’s salute of “Well done”. Instead, what I saw was the valor and incredibly intelligent game-plan of Marquez fold under the shear weight of menacing bigotry- the belief that the ride of a well-known bandwagon never approaches a stop sign, but that for some reason, it’s not that Pacquaio ignored the stop sign, but it’s the people pushing the bandwagon that ignore its influence in a 4 way intersection. Who were these people?
It beats me, but they probably had ‘cash moneysssss’.


“You don’t deserve to be first!”

There is one script that never changes its course.

His script is a mighty and heart-clenching embrace that kindly asks us, “Are you ready?”

When Glam fluttered my name to seek a new song, I did choose a new song –Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord, God Almighty”. The world promotes to take victory away from the one who never whimpered while wearing a crown of thorns and who never staggered in defeat. He was the Son of God who found liberty while mounted on the Cross- it was then that He recited all our names and His plan for us; He never once used His supernatural gifts to cease the wind from harking, or the bitter, skin biting weather from its cold madness, or the brows on his face from returning to its humane color, but it was His will to restore us back to the one true love that relentlessly called us to relationship and worship.

In His kingdom, there is no surprise. God is ‘Yahweh’, ‘King’, ‘Lord’, ‘Alpha’, ‘Omega’. The title belongs to Him. He won, He deserves it.


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