Back to Priest-School

Before, priest-school I let my my pride and complacency build up to a climatic shallowness; I was never consistently sensitive to God’s heart, if anything I was extremely pharisaic: sensitive to my self-ambitions and self-righteousness. 

Only since April 2010, have I truly been filled with the spirit- that the reality of His truth dwells richly inside of me.

During the years when I collected numbness and callousness in my heart, I let down the gates of His protection; I let the devil trample me back to the dirt. He picked me up, and breathed new life into me. He invited me back to priest-school; this time I was truly going to host God’s presence in my life through obedience.

From preschool to my post-undergrad years, I’ve experienced ‘God in this City, but there are greater things to be done here’.

Let Christ do the supernatural; Let Him be the restorer. If you haven’t asked Him to enroll you into priest-school, ask Him right now. Without abiding in His presence, we are expelled.


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