Thank God, He is not a dog.

Don’t get God backwards. He is not a dog. He is GOD.

Blasphemy! How could anyone treat God with treats?

Where is the reverence for Him who has made us co-heirs with Christ? Where is the praise for Him who has given us song? How dare we defile the name of the Holy and Almighty God who does not need anything from us nor does He need anyone to be GOD. He is who He is.

This is my story: Before I participated in sincere worship, I joined a game of fetch. I told God to fetch me the pleasures and desires of this world, and that in return, I’d give him mere compliments. Don’t get me wrong; gratitude was plenty! I loved Him when I loved Him. But I did not love Him in all seasons, and did not love as constant as the rising sun. I would hate the thought of having a dog that would make a mess- that a dog as low in nature as it is to waste my time to clean up after it. Oh, but I loved the idea of a God who fixed my life when I was low- that I would be cleaned up to be covered in sin the next day. In April 2010, it was not He who got on all fours, but it was me; I fell on my knees and declared that His majesty deserves my all. Thank God, He is not a dog; rather He is greater than I and more wise than creation itself.


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