Lance & Luke 13:19

During “Chopped” Season 8, episode 3, I encountered God’s presence. Specifically, at running time 13:19, I noticed a deep compassion written on Lance Nitahara’s face, and hence felt like he had made a commitment.

On our way to Riverside for fellowship, Christine kept sharing about Lance: the Japanese-American man who used Jesus as a tool to help him cry on the crying competition show. Furthermore, that he had beat out a competitor who had purposely spilled hot water on her legs to ignite  the flow of more tears. At this point, I had thought that tears were being collected in a bucket. OBVIOUSLY I WAS NOT LISTENING.

As I asked for clarity to see if my inferences were correct, we had all laughed out loud as I told them my thoughts described above. I had wired my synapses to make truth to what seemed oddly strange, yet possible in the realm of reality television these days. As new insights to the actual show were being revealed, I couldn’t help but to give all praise and glory to God for Lance’s testimony and the summary of his loving kindness on the show.

As the show dwindled down to its closing credits, I couldn’t help but think that his act of giving his prize money to the emotionally and physically afflicted runner-up contestant came from the image I recollected from earlier on the show.

13:19. Specifically, Luke 13:19 gave light and meaning to Lance’s gracious response to one who needed to experience God’s love at her lowest moment. Lance, was faithfully stewarding the mustard seed that grew into a garden, so that this garden could be a resting place for the weary and discouraged. Truly, Lance demonstrated the importance of hearty worship in all that we do- that God deserves our very best- not just from making successful careers from the skills and talents that God has given us, but that we seek to love and care for others as His disciples, and that through this journey we will express a Christ-like meekness to all that we encounter. 

Lance, God bless you.


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