Pride Sucks

Pride sucks Christ’s blood away from reality- that each hole in his wrists had purpose, and the excruciating extention of his arms to elevate the entire weight of His body was a mere facade of the pretending savior.

My pride sucks away the redeeming power of Holy grace and mercy- two gifts from God that are only transparent from the eyes of a truly repentant sinner. Therefore, I pray against the darkness and realm of SELF. I fear no evil because Christ is with me, but I fear pride. The pride that clenched my heart to grasp the doctrines of two masters was on the brink of sucking every last presence of God within me. 

Pride sucks! It really does!

More menacing than the baddest Twilight antagonist, pride sucks our need for Christ; instead, pride fills pockets and supposedly makes a claim that we can be perfect people. Let’s be children that ask His father to remove our pride- that we finally spit out what was corroding our hearts. Let’s stop sucking on pride, and rather suck on His blood to serve and love Him in all of our days.



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