Christ’s love FOR ME(D)…

Others have inspired and influenced me, but never have they transformed my very soul.


Your love for me is airtight and sealed with abundant grace. There are plenty of ways to distinguish you from human kind. Only you can “see beneath my skin, and only you can piece the broken pieces”. For 20 years, others had inspired and influenced me to live for the halos of this world or even for the glory of your kingdom, but I never chose the latter because I had not come with true repentance and obedience. My heart was like shallow water. I saw glimpses of the risen Lord, but I had not been transformed and convicted to the point where I let go of one master – Satan. But it was the magnificent you that brought the touch of your hand upon my hip. My wrestle with you was finally over. You spoke kind words over a broken soul, and took me in your arms.  In other words, it was You that courage; You wiped away the blood upon your eyebrows to look me face to face. You knew I was worth it. Thank you for transforming me to become the very purpose and breath of the Living God. Amen.


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